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This is still a work in progress. It will install the Tsung cluster and set up some basic firewall rules, but it is not yet ready for real world usage.

Initialize and apply.

export TF_VAR_linode_token=${LINODE_API_TOKEN} 

terraform init
terraform apply


local machine:

# replace ${linode_instance.tsung-server.0.ip_addresses} with provided IP
ssh -A root@${linode_instance.tsung-server.0.ip_addresses}

on tsung-server:

Required environment variables:

TSUNG_HOST # host to test against ("")

Optional environment variables:

TSUNG_PATH # path to test on                               ("/")
TSUNG_TEST # test to run from /etc/tsung/${TSUNG_TEST}.xml ("ab")

To run: tsung-run

Visit the tsung-server IP address on port 8091 to view the report as the test runs.


terraform destroy


  • Firewall
  • Let's Encrypt certificate
  • DNS setup
  • User setup
  • Block Storage volume for persistent data and backups