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The packer templates included here aim to build Linode images that are compatible with Linode services where possible.


These are not official Linode images.


The following images are available:

Void Linux



Starting with a fresh Linode:

  1. Create an ext4 boot disk
  2. Create a swap disk
  3. Create a configuration profile
    • /dev/sda - ext4 boot disk
    • /dev/sdb - swap disk
    • set kernel to "GRUB 2"
    • disable all helpers
  4. Boot into Rescue Mode
    • /dev/sda - ext4 boot disk
  5. From the Lish console in Rescue mode, run the following commands:
    • curl<image>.gz | gunzip | dd of=/dev/sda
  6. Shut down
  7. Set root password from Rescue tab
  8. Boot
  9. Enjoy!


To avoid going through the deployment steps for future images, you can take an image of the disk. This should be done after step 6, when the Linode is shut down, but before setting the root password.

Linode docs for creating an image


Documentation on image creation can be found in