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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[0.46.0] - 2019.01.18


  • Dedicated CPU in plan selection in Create Linode workflow.

[0.45.0] - 2019.01.14


  • Disk storage information modal in Linode > Settings > Advanced
  • Grouping of Domains by tags on Domain listing page.
  • Add payment PDF generation
  • Add invoice PDF generation
  • Display loading until images are available.
    • Source images data from Redux.
    • Add images to Redux on load.
  • Improved linode listing page table.
    • Remove + icon to display all ip addresses on linode row.
    • Hide copy icon for ip addresses until hover.
    • The icon for a Linode was added to the Linode row.
    • Plan column removed, linode plan and details now listed under the label in the Linodes columns.
    • Added a column for tags.
  • Account tab for StackScripts, lists all scripts created on the account the user has permissions to read/write.
    • If an account user does not have access to StackScripts, then a message indicating the user does not have the proper permissions will display.
  • Trusted Device table in My Profile> Password & Authentication> New section titled Trusted Devices.
    • Lists devices that have been active on the account for the past 30 days, device name and browser used.
    • Ability to untrust/delete a trusted device.


  • Explicitly check for errors before setting local storage.
  • Move image toast logic to ToastNotifications.tsx
  • Allow submitting empty array for IP sharing
  • Explicitly declaring background color on table cells for printer compatibility.
  • Update documentation. Update casing on label.
  • Set default image in Create from Image flow.
  • Default label name during Linode creation.
  • Update react-dev-utils and webpack-dev-server
  • Update Radio Input Label text size on Create Volume drawer
  • Update pagination styling
  • Update source Linode on linode_clone schedule/start
  • Refactor domains dashboard card to use Redux state
  • Update community events, make all clickable.
  • Update dashboard transfer card to new design
  • Add Render Guard to Contact Info/Config Forms
  • Change Pagination Controls to handle many pages
  • Add reduxed images to LinodeRebuild
  • Improved error handling.
  • Respond to community_like events, display in menu
  • Update Copy Around Restricted Users
  • Update search results size limit to 100
  • Capitalize linode progress bar text


  • Credit card payment request ccv field.
  • Safari autofill on root password reset.
  • Parse timestamps in UTC for notifications.
  • Hide radio buttons on edit disk drawer.
  • Display notice on successful deletion of a user.
  • Submission of the enable back ups for all Linodes drawer caused duplicate listings of Linodes.
  • Display Scratch Code when enabling TFA

[0.44.1] - 2019.01.10


  • Credit card payment request ccv field.

[0.44.0] - 2019.01.03


  • Printer friendly invoice page by navigating to Account > Billing info > Recent Invoices > Invoice
    • Clicking Print/Download navigates to a printer friendly invoice page and opens a a browser print preview to print and save to a PDF.
    • CTL/Command + P from the invoice page will achieve the same as clicking the Print/Download button.

[0.43.0] - 2018.12.20


  • Users can now display their Linodes grouped by its tags.
  • Users can import existing display groups from Linodes and Domains as tags from the dashboard.
    • For example; If a user were to have three Linodes in the display group "production", a new tag of "production" would be created and applied to those three Linodes.
    • The existing display groups remain unchanged.


  • Linode chart statistics sometimes cause a crash.
  • Viewing one StackScript, out of 1100, caused the application to crash. Gee thanks!
  • URL encoded text was being injected into the search bar.

[0.42.0] - 2018.12.17


  • Add Total Traffic to stats (#4221)
  • Styling for Stats/Units (#4220)
  • Paypal Client-Side Validation (#4222)
  • Revert error poc (#4212) (#4223)
  • Reorder providers. Convert ThemeProvider to renderChildren.
  • style toast messages
  • create component abstraction for toasts
  • add: toasts story
  • pass props to tags to close suggestion menu on click\
  • error poc (#4212)
  • make CVV field optional (#4214)
  • Add analytics to GetAllEntities() (#4203)
  • Correct permission decision logic in API token utils. (#4204)
  • code cleanup and destructure new asSuggestion prop
  • style tags inside search result suggestion
  • event propagation and focus styles
  • Stats/Units on graphs (#4205)
  • make tags in selects consistent with new styles
  • refactor tag button styles
  • Tag links (#4195)
  • updating back up data section for dark theme (#4199)
  • updating copy icon component colors, removing the override from IP address component (#4198)
  • better padding for dashboard table cells
  • Make clickable row UX more consistent
  • switch volume columns (#4197)
  • add search data (#4182)
  • Upgrade Typography component consistent with @material-ui/core@3.5.1 (#4180)
  • Display resize instructions on form submission. (#4189)
  • Add SSH key event message... (#4190)
  • Refresh volumes list on volume_clone event. (#4191)
  • Report counts of successes and failures for backups (#4187)
  • Remove sendToast for enqueSnacback (#4185)
  • Replace Toasts with Notistack (#4163)


  • reduce main nav items padding under medium breakpoint
  • update progress bar for linodes (#4230)
  • Update docs links to Cloud Manager versions. (#4224)
  • update notistck version and remove unecessary declaration
  • Update email notification setting label for clarity (#4216)
  • Events polling updated. (#4181)


  • fix: send config id with attach volume request (#4228)
  • Edit SOA drawer loading button styling bug (#4210)
  • fix typing for notistack
  • Fix NodeBalancer Tag Error (#4194)
  • Fix mutation error handling (#4179)

[0.41.0] - 2018.12.04


  • Tags for NodeBalancers
    • Tags can be added during NodeBalancer creation
    • Tags can be added/removed from an existing NodeBalancer


  • Search results page link appears first in the search bar results
  • Reverted StackScript table pagination

[0.40.0] - 2018.12.03


  • Search results page with a dedicated URL
    • Search results page is grouped by entities (Linodes, NodeBalancers, etc.)
    • Search results page displays the first five results per entity, and a button to display remaining results for the given entity
    • Search can be used to display all entities with a common tag
  • Tags for Volumes
    • Tags can be added during Volume creation
    • Tags can be added/removed from an existing Volume
  • Pagination on the StackScripts page
  • Network helper global setting
    • Users now have the option to enable/disable
    • Network helper is enabled by default
  • Ability to attach a file to a support ticket
  • Breadcrumb navigation to Users and User Detail
  • Mobile typography was implemented throughout the app


  • UX improvement when creating/resizing a volume attached to a linode with the addition steps necessary to complete the volume creation process
  • Get Help section links and tiles were updated for consistent displays and interactions
  • Added pricing to Volume clone and resize panel


  • External (public) Ip's are displayed first (before private IPs) on Linode grid cards, and Linode Details page
  • Character decoding on the blog feed
  • Tags extending beyond the search bar results now wrap

[0.39.0] - 2018.11.15


  • User management has been merged into the account section.
    • The Account & Billing and Users navigation items have been removed in favor of just "Account".
    • This caused breaking changes to the URL pattern.
    • /users -> account/users
    • /users/stevemcqueen -> /account/users/stevemcqueen
    • /users/stevemcqueen/permissions -> /account/users/stevemcqueen/permissions


  • Domains can now be tagged and will be included in search results when searching for tags.
  • Linode Backups
    • Users can now enable automatic backups for all existing Linodes which do not have backups.
    • Users can now enroll in automatic backups for all newly created Linodes.
    • Added backup information and actions on the dashboard.
    • Added time since last backup to the list view of user's Linodes.
  • Pricing information has been added to the;
    • Volume creation drawer
    • Volumes call to action placeholder
    • Backups call to action placeholder
  • Updated by/closed by details to support tickets.
  • Breadcrumb navigation to Linodes, NodeBalancers, Domains, and Support Tickets.


  • We're now preventing users from submitting the create a support ticket form until all necessary information has been provided.

  • Hide the "current credit card" if there is no credit card on file.

  • The CPU chart on the Linode detail page has been updated to scale the to usage.

  • Details about a Linode and Domains are no longer tucked away in accordions.

  • Payments and invoices are now sorted by descending date (newest first).

  • We've made some mobile friendly adjustments to the display of our menu!

  • Documentation links now have a persistent underline to make it clear they're links.

  • Providing feedback via Hively now opens in a new window.

  • Made tab navigation much easier on mobile.

  • Enhanced select styles are now visually consistent with regular selects.


  • Side navigation was hidden for certain users.
  • Toggling between grid and list view on the Linodes screen would not persist event progress information.
  • Attempting to delete the active user would crash the application. (Hey, it's better than deleting yourself!)
  • TTL can now be set/changed for MX records.
  • Booting from a user created configuration was failing.
  • H1s are now used only once per page site-wide.

[0.38.0] - 2018.11.05


  • Customer Support
    • Linode Community questions are now searchable from the Support Landing Page
    • Customers can now close their own support tickets under the following conditions:
      • Ticket is in "autoclose" status
      • Ticket has not been opened by Linode (covered by autoclose requirement)
      • May not close tickets that have not been interacted with by Linode (covered by autoclose requirement)
      • Tickets closed by customer should be marked as closed by customer
      • Support Ticket objects should indicate if they are closable


  • Tightened whitespace on tables. Considerably reduced the padding on table cells to give users the ability to see more items at a glance. Similar changes were made to summary panels in an ongoing effort to improve our information density overall.
  • We changed the way that a user will view their DNS records. Today when you view DNS records you have to expand all of the accordions to see details of your domains. Now when you view a domain you can see all details of the domain without having to expand all the accordions.
  • Updated Launch console button to appear as a link on mobile devices.
  • Hively got an upgrade!
    • Icons have been enhanced to support new icons.
    • Hively icons will not show on tickets more than 7 days old


  • The account owner was able to restrict their account by toggling the permissions.
  • A recent refactor didn't take into account paginated API methods that take an entityId. This was causing an API 404 error when requesting Disks from the LinodeConfig menu.
  • Issue on the List Linodes page, where switching to list view after linode creation would display the Linode as "Provisioning" after it already booted.
  • On the volumes listing page, addressed an issue where updating a volume label would fail.
  • In order to make the clickable table row entries more efficient, we made tags clickable.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to create a linode from a snapshot (coming from the linode detail page) displayed plans smaller than the original Linode snapshot as selectable.
  • When creating a linode from a backup or snapshot, the linode created does not automatically boot, rather it must be booted manually after the restoration from backup is complete. Also, the Distro image fails to display in the manager, until the linode has been booted.
  • Issue where users were unable to deploy a new linode from a snapshot when landing on the Create From Backup creation page from the Linode Detail - Backups page.
  • Resolved an edge case where attempting to restore a snapshot to an existing linode, if the restore drawer was dismissed and then reopened, the Linodes select would fail to list any linodes.

[0.37.1] - 2018-10.22


  • Backup restore not restoring to destination Linode

[0.37.0] - 2018-10.22


  • Pagination!
    • Users can now page through large lists of entities thoughout the app, including: Nodebalancers/Images/Oauth Clients(Apps)/Tokens/Users/Volumes/Invoices/LinodeConfigs
  • Documentation!
    • The documentation panel has received some updates, including Docs for volumes, domains and stackscripts


  • Eliminate pencil icon site-wide, using hover/edit state instead.
  • Defer API requests on Linode summary, settings and Nodebalancer summary until user action is taken


  • Error reporting when creating a new Nodebalancer config
  • Ellipsis being truncated on blog texts incorrectly
  • Text overflow in the dashboard of entities with long names
  • Linodes with flags/long names breaking the layout on list linodes
  • Issue where a users settings are erroneously requested multiple times
  • Linodes with unknown images failing to display in the linode summary panel

[0.36.0] - 2018-10.08


  • Support
    • Allow selecting multiple files when attaching to a ticket
    • Auto-collapse attachments when a ticket contains more than 5 attachments
    • Increase support search results to display up to 20 results
  • Profile
    • Truncate whitespace when adding SSH keys
  • Billing
    • Display last four credit card digits when submitting payment


  • Volumes
    • Issue where creating a volume would potentially display the wrong region for the attached linode
  • Stackscripts
    • When creating a linode from Stackscript, the SSH Key access panel failed to display on image selection
  • Misc.
    • Issue where certain modals could not be dismissed with the escape key
    • On Linode creation, the password field now appears disabled until an image is selected
    • Two-factor authentication QR code border visibility in dark theme

[0.35.0] - 2018-10.01


  • Users can now provide feedback on Linode support in tickets.
  • Added a welcome banner describing new features.
  • Users can now migrate/mutate Linodes.

[0.34.1] - 2018-09-24


  • Linodes
    • Users can now add tags to a Linode on creation or on the detail page
    • Tags display on Linode list, grid and detail views
    • Tags can be managed on Linode detail view
  • Search
    • Tags are searchable. The main Search bar will return a list of Linodes with a tag or tags that match the search term
  • Small Screen Enhancements
    • Tables on small screens are now useable and beautiful
    • Expanded all inputs to full width on small screens


  • Copy updates
  • Create header icon on small screens
  • Updated profile timezone and volume creation selects to be searchable


  • Search issue affecting small screens using the dark theme
  • Bug where deleting a linode erroneously routed the user to the dashboard, now routes to linodes
  • Issue where updating contact information results in a blank credit card
  • Issue where changing tabs on the user profile would enable the Delete button for your own user
  • "Unknown Plan" would display during Linode resizing
  • Prevent user from submitting empty replies in support tickets

[0.33.2] - 2018-09-11


  • Profile
    • Users can now add SSH keys to their profile
  • Linodes
    • Create or Rebuild Linodes with SSH keys that have been added to the user's profile
  • Dashboard
    • Notify users an upgrade is available for their Linode
  • Support
    • Search the Linode Docs for answers within the manager support section


  • Make tiles clickable site-wide
  • Table rows are now clickable on instances where the row links to another page
  • Linode disk resize free space calculation made more clear
  • Support tickets now respect customer's timezone preference


  • Bug where cloned domains failed to display until the page was manually refreshed
  • Bug where image creation would return an error message
  • Bug where revoked personal access tokens still displayed in the access token table
  • Delete volume action being available while the Linode it was attached to was powered on

[0.32.1] - 2018-08-27


  • Project version link as been added to the global footer.
  • Enable backups from the list Linodes page.
  • Create a domain record from the global "Create" button.
  • Users can now make a payment via Paypal.
  • Update document title based on location within the application.
  • Support
    • Added "Get Help" link to primary navigation.
    • Users can now reply to support tickets and attach files.


  • "Managed" item removed from primary navigation unless user already has the managed service.
  • "Account security" was renamed "Whitelist IP (legacy)" to better clarify intent.


  • Bug during NodeBalancer creation that would prevent the user from creating a NodeBalancer.
  • Bug where the UI would not update after allocating a new private IP.

[0.31.5] - 2018-08-16


  • Various bugfixes for Account information display

[0.31.4] - 2018-08-14


  • Toggle for dark theme


  • Support ticket links in event menu

  • Images links in search bar

[0.31.3] - 2018-08-13


  • Account
    • Update credit card on file
    • Make a payment
  • Support
    • View open support tickets
    • Open a support ticket
    • View ticket replies
    • Reply to ticket
  • Polyfill for ES2015+ methods, createImageBitmap
  • Linode Settings
    • Create image from disk, "Imagize"
  • Get Help
    • Get Help landing page
    • Popular Documentation and Community Posts
    • Ada chat bot
  • Dashboard
    • Linode services Dashboard
    • Make Dashboard the default route
  • Add warning for unsupported browser


  • StackScripts

    • Added placeholders to User-Defined Fields
    • Show UDF errors adjacent to each field
    • Infinite-scroll on Community StackScript selection
  • Linodes

    • Linodes without IPv6 do not attempt to render ipv6 components
  • Documentation

    • Summary truncated at 200 characters
  • Volumes

    • Warn user before they attempt to create a Volume larger than 10TB
  • Confirmation Dialogs

    • Actions to the right, Power-Off and Reboot not considered destructive
  • Notices

    • New appearance
  • SelectionCards

    • Consistent appearance with/without selection
  • Region Names

    • Format consistently throughout the application
  • TextField Select

    • Show select icon


  • Safari compatibilty with SelectionCard interaction

  • Ripple effect when using Toggle component

  • Domain deletion confirmation no longer flashes "Undefiend"

  • Pressing the spacebar to select a SelectionCard no longer scrolls the page

  • Rebuilding a Linode appears as a transitional state

  • PrimaryNav does not seem to open randomly on window resize

  • Focus state for Toggle components

  • Some instances where functions were not bound to component instance

  • Re-request domains on successful creation

  • Settings helper text language improvements

  • Address spacing in Account settings

  • Some instances where state properties were being read directly

  • LinodeRow plan name does not wrap below status indicator

  • Ability to create a NodeBalancer with a check path of '/'

[0.30.1] - 2018-07-26


  • Notification icon position
  • Description of billing permission levels
  • Tooltip for user delete action

[0.30.0] - 2018-07-26


  • My Profile
    • Toggle for disabling "Whitelist IPs" feature
    • Update e-mail address
    • Enable/disable two-factor authentication using QR code
    • Update Timezone
  • User Management
    • List users
    • Add new users
    • Edit user profile
    • Edit user permissions, including entity-specific permissions
    • Change user type restricted/unrestricted
  • Billing
    • View recent billing activity: invoices and payments
    • View contact information
    • Update contact information
  • StackScripts

    • Update StackScript


  • "Notifications" (global and product level notices) are now displayed in a side-wide menu located in the top-right corner of the screen

  • "Events" (entity-specific notices) are shown in a different color when they have been marked as read

  • "Events" are clickable and direct the user to the page of the entity

  • Privacy Policy notice is now shown using a persistent modal dialog


  • When creating a Linode from StackScript, an error notice is now displayed when the user does not select an image

[0.29.3] - 2018-07-13


  • StackScripts
    • List StackScripts
    • Search StackScripts by label
    • Create StackScript
    • Delete private StackScripts
  • NodeBalancers
    • Search Node IPs by label or IP
  • Linodes Networking
    • IP Sharing
  • Domains
    • Create Slave Domains
    • Zone Import
  • Images
    • View Image Details
    • Delete Image
    • Rebuild Linode from Image
    • Create Image from Linode Disk
  • Disks
    • Edit the size of a Disk
  • Account
    • Referral codes and completed referrals shown
    • Disable/enable e-mail notifications
    • Add SSH Keys for Lish, choose authentication method
  • Glish

    • Switch quickly between Weblish and Glish
    • Auto re-connect on power status change


  • Disabled plans during deployment have a tooltip explaining why

  • Successful volume creation shows a message in the drawer

  • Show progress bar for

    • Volume Attach/Detatch
    • Disk Creation
    • Snapshot Creation
  • Create a Volume drawer is now "Add a Volume" drawer, which allows both creation and adding of existing volumes

  • Remove "Status" from Domains List


  • Linode Detail Progress Bar on all types of in-progress events

  • IP Transfer Actions Disabled if there are no IPs to Transfer

[0.28.0] - 2018-07-02


  • Networking
    • Default DNS resolvers for both IPv4 and IPv6, SSH access, and Lish via SSH are now all available on the Linode Networking feature.
    • Users can now add a private IP to their Linode via the Linode Networking feature.
    • Transfer or move an IP to another Linode.
  • Display a progress bar during back-up snapshot generation.
  • Linode Watchdog settings; Enable to automatically restart a Linode.
  • Added help text to the volume creation drawer.
  • Display the remaining space on a Linode during disk creation.


  • Linode

    • Page scrolls to top upon switching pages on Linode landing view
    • Disable current plan in list of target plans for LinodeResize view
    • Disable Linode Resize submit btn if no plan is selected
    • Rebooting a Linode is disabled while provisioning.
    • Display "Unknown Image" on Linode cards when using a non-standard image.
    • Corrected sort order of available images in dropdown during Linode rebuild.
    • Users will now see a 404 when attempting to access a nonexistent Linode.
    • Simplified the password change form in the Linode settings feature.
    • When changing Linode alert thresholds, we no longer hide the input field.
    • Users without any Linodes, who are attempting to create a Linode by cloning, will now see a placeholder.
    • The backup window selection is now displayed in the timezone the user has selected in their profile.
    • Linodes without backups are no longer displayed in the Create Linode from Backup feature.
  • Node Balancer

    • NodeBalancer creation, including configurations and nodes, is now made with a single request.
    • Updated changes to interval text on and view features.
    • "Client Connection Throttle" is no longer displayed on creation (Still available during editing).
    • "Session Stickiness" is now defaulted to "table" during creation.
    • "Mode" option is now available during editing (but not creation) of a Node Balancer Node.
  • StackScripts

    • StackScripts which only apply to deprecated images are no longer displayed during creation of a Linode from StackScript.
    • StackScripts can now be sorted by label, revision date, and active deploys in the create Linode from StackScript form
    • Title of required fields updated to reflect the StackScript's name.
    • Changed the color of image tags during creation from Linode.
    • Use a Github style naming convention for StackScripts. (username/Title)
    • Corrected "active deploy" to "active deploys".
    • Update dates to use ISO-8601.


  • Users are now correctly scrolled to the top of the list when using pagination.

  • Users are now correctly scrolled to the first error in a form on submission.

  • Fix an issue where users could issue a resize command without selecting a plan or their current plan.

  • Removed several duplicate form labels.

  • During StackScript creation Linode StackScripts will no longer appear under the "community" category.

  • Corrected an issue preventing the search bar from displaying results.

[0.27.1] - 2018-06-15


  • NodeBalancer Management
    • List NodeBalancers
    • Create NodeBalancer from action menu
      • Configure protocol and TLS
      • Configure stickiness
      • Configure health checks
      • Client-side validation
      • Create, update, delete backend Nodes
    • NodeBalancer Details Page
    • NodeBalancer Summary
    • NodeBalancer Performance Charts
    • Create, update, delete NodeBalancer Configurations
    • NodeBalancer Settings
  • Create Linode From StackScript
    • Select StackScripts Panel
    • StackScript Detail Row
    • User Defined Fields dynamic form inputs
    • Select Image based on selected StackScript
  • AddNewLink component
  • Documentation links on Volumes landing page
  • Documentation links on Linodes detail page
  • Documentation links on NodeBalancers detail page


  • Prevent changing root password on disks if Linode is not offline

  • Force active status when updating domain

  • Domain records, "Edit" changed to "Save"

  • Rename "Master Record" to "Edit SOA Record"

  • Edit-in-place component now displays errors locally


  • List Domains, cancel button fails to dismiss confirmation modal

  • Page crash when editing SOA record

  • Disable ineligible plans in the clone Linode creation flow

  • Don't allow create from backup without selecting a backup

  • Update Linode Volume count on create/delete on Linodes Detail page

  • Display newly created Linodes in the global create Volume drawer

  • Reset password strength indicator after submitting a new password

  • External Links open in a new tab

  • Edit SOA Record, Remove "edit mode" from Domain Status

  • Index the formatted IPs array from public to private

  • Close button on delete domain modal crashing page

  • On hover and focus destructive/cancel button background color

  • Typo in volume drawer

[0.25.3] - 2018-05-23


  • Fixed an issue causing the search bar to crash.


  • Disabled toast notifications for failed stat requests.

  • No longer display the Region panel when creating a new Linode from a backup.

[0.25.2] - 2018-05-22


  • Create, update, and delete Domains.
  • Create, update, and delete SOA, NS, MX, A/AAAA, CNAME, TXT, SRV, and CAA records.
  • Create Linode from an existing Linode's backup.
  • Create Linode from cloning an existing Linode.
  • A flag icon to product level notification to better direct users.
  • Added documentation to volumes and Linode detail sections.
  • Confirmation dialogs when attempting to shutdown a Linode, reboot a Linode, and cancel backups on a Linode.
  • "Select All" options for permissions when creating a Personal Access Token.


  • Several typographical anomalies.
  • Prevent multiple submit clicks upon creating Linode.
  • Close expansion panel only if the header is clicked.
  • Resizing linodes will not have a pre-selected option.
  • Allow deletion of default value in several form inputs.
  • "Show Older Images" panel when creating a new Linode would close when selecting an image.
  • Filtered ineligible volumes/disks from rescue selects.
  • Remove edit option from client generated (apps) tokens.
  • Resolved an issue where resizing was not being tracked/displayed.
  • Reduced the overall number of API requests for certain features.
  • Fixed an issue where Gravatar requests were duplicated.
  • A CSS rendering which cause the footer to unexpected jump up the page.


  • Display client generated (Apps) tokesn below user generated (Personal Access Tokesn).

[0.24.2] - 2018-05-07


  • Logout

[0.24.1] - 2018-05-07


  • Change the label of a Linode via settings
  • Reset a Linode's root password
  • Alert Thresholds: set and modify
  • Linode Configurations: add, edit and delete
  • Linode Disks: add, edit and delete
  • Delete a Linode via settings
  • Product level notifications
  • Account-level notifications
  • IPv4 and IPv6 addresses: display and edit
  • Backup actions, restore and deploy
  • Global volume creation drawer
  • Volumes section: show commands for configuration
  • CopyTooltip component
  • Volumes section: edit, resize, attach, detach, delete, clone


  • Toast timeout set to 6 seconds


  • Prevent showing null image name on CheckoutBar

  • Show relative date for date created on backups page

  • Don't show expired /app tokens

  • Show app tokens and PATs in chronological order

[0.23.1] - 2018-04-19


  • Fixed an issue where unexpected requests were sent when opening the notification menu.
  • Fixed an issue Firefox on Windows would report "to much recursion".
  • Fixed an issue preventing Linode reboots from ever finishing.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from creating Linodes in Frankfurt Germany.

[0.23.0] - 2018-04-18


  • Added toast notifications for several Linode actions.
  • Added usage charts to the Linode summary page.
  • Users can now search for their Linodes, Volumes, Domains, and NodeBalancers.
  • Users can now resize their Linode.
  • Users can now rebuild their Linode.
  • Users can now rescue their Linode using Finnix.
  • Users can now enable or disable backups for a Linode.
  • Users can now view a list of their backups for a Linode.
  • Users can now take a manual backup snapshot of their Linodes.
  • Users can now set their automatic backup time and day of the week preferences for a Linode.
  • Users can now view a list of attached Volumes for a Linode.
  • Users can now rename, resize, detach, and delete a volume attached to their Linode.
  • Users can now attach an existing volume to their Linode.
  • Users can now access Weblish, a web-based shell, for their Linodes.
  • Linode label is now editable on the Linode detail page.


  • Darkened the header of the Linode cards when viewing the Linodes grid.

Known Issues:

  • Linode Detail - Attach volume drawer menu should display "Select a Volume" be default.
  • Linode Detail - Linodes Rescue menus show invalid items (volumes attached to other Linodes).
  • Actions which produce a loading status sometime become stuck and require the user to reload the application.
  • Linode Summary - Volume count fails to update on create/delete.
  • App API Tokens cannot be edited or revoked.
  • Rebooting or shutting down a Linode should prompt for confirmation.
  • Cannot read property 'getBoundingClientRect' of null.
  • is undefined on LinodesLanding.
  • Personal Access Token still displays after revoke.
  • Under rare circumstances the Linode detail page may be blank due to an unexpected user configuration.

[0.22.6] - 2018-04-10


  • Issues related to uncommon regions, plan types, and images
  • Clipping of copy animation on linode row

[0.22.5] - 2018-04-10


  • Show personal access tokens upon creation
  • Show notifications for Linode community site

[0.22.4] - 2018-04-10


  • Early-access notice


  • Updated placeholder components and copy

[0.22.3] - 2018-04-09


  • API Token Management
  • OAuth Client Management
  • Linode Config selection on boot actions
  • Notifications and Events menu
  • Display flag on Linode row/card for notifications.
  • Linode Busy indicator to Linode Details page
  • Linode summary panel to details page
  • Documentation for unit testing
  • Linode Detail tabs and routes
  •, Updates to
  • Responsive tables
  • Add Grid wrapper in response to MUI changes.
  • Create a simple confirm/decline dialog
  • Editable text component
  • Docker script commands
  • Add gitchangelog configuration and documentation
  • data-qa selectors for e2e tests


  • Navigate to storybook before each e2e test w/wdio before hook


  • Show user feedback immediately upon Linode power action

[0.21.0] - 2018-03-26


  • A variety of style and appearance updates
  • Linode Logo as scaleable SVG
  • Use Lato as our sitewide font
  • Use Axios interceptor to redirect to login on 401
  • Storybook for component development in isolation
  • Abstract ShowMore component for IPs and Tags
  • Event polling with backoff using RxJS Observable and Subject
  • Linode menu power actions function as expected
  • Grid view when user as <= 3 Linodes
  • Grid view when user is on mobile
  • loading state to Linode Row
  • loading state to Linode Card
  • TabbedPanel abstraction
  • Linodes Pagination
  • Import SVGs as React Components
  • SelectionCard component
  • Linux Distro icon font font-logos
  • Password Input Component
  • CheckoutBar sidebar during Linode Creation
  • Linode Creation from Image
  • Linode Creation Validation
  • Notice Component


  • Shifting of user menu when popover menus are used

[0.20.3] - 2018-03-06

A new visual design has begun!


  • Main navigation
  • User menu
  • "Add New" menu
  • Linodes list view
  • Linodes grid view
  • Documentation sidebar
  • Footer
  • Promise preloader HOC
  • Request/response Redux action creators

[0.18.7] - 2018-04-02


  • Update region names for upcoming changes (#3104)
  • Update API calls for API-53 (#3108)

[0.18.6] - 2018-03-29


  • enable block storage volume support in us-south-1a (Dallas)

[0.18.5] - 2018-03-05


  • fix non-expiring token creation
  • fix stats graphs rendering by correcting destructuring
  • throttle OAuth refresh between tabs
  • Refresh OAuth token only on user interaction

[0.18.4] - 2018-02-26

[0.18.3] - 2018-02-20


  • Pagination added to /domains
  • Added vendor specific CSS prefixes via PostCSS and Autoprefixer.
  • Glish window now contains a link to the Linode page.
  • Added unit tests for Redux generator functions. (api/internal.js api/external.js).


  • Significant build changes to reduce initial page load.

  • Added asset filename hashes for caching purposes.

  • Moved from the OAuth2 code flow to the implicit flow for security and performance.


  • Removed unnecessary “No VNC” text on Linode detail page Glish button.


  • Corrected an issue that was forcing a full re-render of the application when clicking session/notifications menu.

  • Corrected an issue preventing a disk label from appearing in the Add Image modal.

  • Corrected an issue which prevented proper redirection on logout.

  • Corrected an issue where notification banners weren’t provided the ID of the Linode they referenced.

  • Corrected an issue preventing users from deleting Volumes.

[0.18.2] 2018-01-25


  • Prevent notifications from fetching during login and logout

[0.18.1] 2018-01-24


  • Glish and weblish token fetching bug corrected

[0.18.0] 2018-01-24


  • Glish - a web-based VNC connection to your Linodes
  • Implement some modals using React 16 Portals


  • Initial bundle sizes reduced with code splitting

  • Upgraded to React 16

  • Upgrade to React Router 4

  • Moved "Volumes" to top-level navigation

[0.17.3] 2018-01-15


  • Allow config selection when adding a Volume to a Linode

[0.17.2] 2018-01-09


  • fix image selection being filtered on status
  • fix backups listing on create from backup modal

[0.17.1] 2018-01-08


  • Fix permissions page for usernames with numbers (#2884)

[0.17.0] 2018-01-08


  • Pre-commit hook to run "yarn test && yarn lint"
  • Paravirt and Fullvirt appear with a description
  • Notification Banners for various account and Linode states
  • User feedback when there is an error performing a power action


  • Allow users to reboot into something other than Finnix after using Finnix

  • Backups window descriptions can cross midnight

  • OAuth Redirect UI doesn't overflow its container

  • Updates to and removals of IP RDNS appear without refresh

  • Clean up a variety of required-prop warnings

  • Updates for changes to the /images field names


  • The Add Image form now shows disk selection only for complex Linodes

  • Upgraded to React 15.6 from React 15.1

  • Tests now run using Jest instead of Karma

  • Manager, Docs, and Components now in separate repos

  • Backup window selection is a multi-step process

  • Reduced payload size via specific lodash imports

[0.16.4] 2017-12-12


  • 0.16.3 changes were lost in a squash

[0.16.3] 2017-12-11


  • always show user images last (after distributions) (#2838)
  • submit volume attachment requests with a numeric linode id
  • fix UI bugs where configs were not updated and errors were not reflected upon changing linodes in volume modals

[0.16.2] 2017-12-11


  • Changing Region in Volume attach dialog did not reset Linode Config (#2812)
  • Volume attachment API requests must use integer config_id (#2813)


  • Image and Distro selector combined and fields renamed to match API (#2803)
  • Addresses /volumes API endpoint moving from /linode/volumes (#2803)

[0.16.1] 2017-12-01


  • Pricing information showed [Object Object] in some places since 0.16.0 (#2808)

[0.16.0] 2017-11-29


  • List CoreOS in Linode create (#2576)
  • Support for CAA records (#2626)
  • Public option for OAuth clients (#2655)
  • Create disks from images (#2680)
  • Rebuild Linodes from images (#2681)
  • Use more specific page titles (#2701)
  • Display current balance on payment page (#2704)


  • Disable Linode power actions during transition states (#2319)

  • Render backup schedule time slots in the user's local timezone (#2563)

  • User permissions page matches the new options (#2656)

  • Exclude "swap" from the disk list for imagizing (#2710)

  • Make "Create Image" behave the same from all entrypoints (#2717)


  • Negative numbers in invoices should appear with parenthesis (#2705)

  • Credit card dropdowns should line up with their container (#2706)

  • Don't crash if we try to create a Linode from image with no images (#2717)

[0.15.5] 2017-11-20


  • Contact info can be edited (#2684)
  • Images can be listed, created, and deployed as Linodes
  • CoreOS is included in Distribution lists


  • (Docs) updated to 0.15.0

  • All User Grants are now represented

  • User Grants have been remapped to None,ReadOnly,ReadWrite


  • Handle unknown event types to prevent error splash (#2624, #2621)

[0.15.4] 2017-11-05


  • Added Billing components and pages


  • Handle deprecations in preparation for React 16.0

  • (Docs) updated to 0.14.1

[0.15.3] 2017-10-13


  • Send custom integers correctly on volume create

[0.15.2] 2017-10-13


  • Rendering of selects
  • Filtering Linodes by region correctly when attaching

[0.15.1] 2017-10-13


  • Fremont as available Volume region

[0.15.0] 2017-10-10


  • Added volume_clone, credit_card_updated, payment_submitted event support #2622
  • KVMify #2562, #2611
  • Noscript #2565
  • Logout if in maintenance mode #2627


  • Use full backup names in dialogs #2564

  • Restore from Backup should not offer Region #2586

  • Buttons that are dropdowns include the default action in the dropdown #2585

  • Configs should be offered when creating from volume #2544

  • Restrict Volumes to availability regions #2623

  • Hide volume Linodes and Configs when appropriate #2630

  • (Docs) updated to 0.13.3


  • Allow Notifications to poll with no previous Events #2618

  • Fix multi select (stackscript distros ui) #2614

[0.14.2] 2017-10-04


  • Changes to work with the latest API changes
  • (Docs) Updated to 0.13.2

[0.14.1] 2017-09-28


  • Oauth Client default image renders properly
  • IP Transfer didn't send region correctly
  • Rebooting did not work when multiple configs exist
  • Reset RDNS did not show the default value after reset
  • Reset RDNS should not be offered when default is in use
  • (Docs) Updated to 0.13.1

[0.14.0] 2017-09-26


  • Transfer pool is shown (#2508)
  • (Docs) Add a sidebar (#2494)
  • Add Volume resize (#2500)
  • Option to clone with label and backup (#2482)


  • Use Yarn rather than NPM (#2520)

  • More graph options (#2501)

  • show number of duplicates when deleting (#2484)

  • set an initial disk array for rescue configs (#2491)

  • (Docs) Bumped to 0.13.0

  • (Docs) removed extraneous "_" from properties

  • (Docs) Show more of example up front

  • (Docs) Smarter height on collapsed examples


  • More fixes for API changes (#2549)

  • Fix IP setRDNS creating duplicate (#2542)

  • Fix disk delete (#2543)

  • Fixes for docs and manager regressions (#2526)

  • fix default root device in new linode configs (#2523)

  • handle xen disk labels correctly (xvda-xvdh) (#2510)

  • Render no graphs message correctly (#2518)

  • CNAME hostname placeholder should not be a FQDN (#2514)

  • Give tooltip a max width (#2513)

  • Restart polling on actions

[0.13.1] 2017-09-18


  • API breaking changes #2547

[0.13.0] 2017-08-29


  • set a label when taking a snapshot #2366
  • handle oauth token errors #2323
  • enable private IP button separate from public #2370
  • dns zone status on dns zone list page #2368
  • plan visible on Linode list #2364
  • add create Linode from backup #2380
  • display all block storage volumes #2406
  • Lish settings page #2365
  • indeterminate checkbox state #2407
  • support for implicit OAuth flow #2402
  • attachments shown in tickets #2428
  • input auto focus when enabling TFA #2419
  • advanced filter for all lists #2416
  • volumes shown on Linode advanced page #2408
  • support for volumes in configs #2440


  • Linode, domain, NodeBalancer, and user creates are modals #2352

  • use Bearer token type in OAuth flow #2280

  • PAT creation defaults to no access #2421

  • creating a ticket can now reference volumes and "Other" #2415


  • stop long notifications from overflowing #2381

  • stop secondary tables from overflowing #2379

  • prevent public stackscripts from appearing to be privatizable #2378

  • stop notifications in header from breaking on small screens #2363

  • show correct links in #2409

  • show public ipv4 in SSH line in Access section #2429

  • notification hover and dropdown fixes for Firefox #2426

  • error formatting when snapshots fail #2425

  • misc fixes for support tickets #2437

  • crashing when no distro is selected in add disk modal #2438

[0.12.7] 2017-08-08


  • volume event formatters #2403

[0.12.6] 2017-08-08


  • don't crash when you have no weekly backups #2404

[0.12.5] 2017-08-08


  • setState when using default value in Select #2401

[0.12.4] 2017-08-07


  • don't crash on rescue page when no disks are present because of bad Select logic

[0.12.3] 2017-08-04


  • allow no distro option when creating disk #2375

[0.12.2] 2017-08-04


  • reset disk slot to null correctly when deselecting a slot #2369

[0.12.1] 2017-08-03


  • breaking api changes #2354

[0.12.0] 2017-08-01


  • added linode filtering #2271
  • added user filtering #2282
  • added nodebalancer filtering #2273
  • added domains filtering #2272
  • added support link to main header #2296
  • enabled external source map #2314
  • added stackscript list and delete support #2317
  • moar contrast #2292
  • added subheader for navigation to stackscripts, volumes, lists #2321
  • added support for adding and editing stackscripts #2322


  • switched to webpack 2.6.0 #2278

  • fetch api pages asynchronously #2274

  • users view is a list #2282

  • regrouped tokens and PATs and moved out oauth tokens #2284

  • use source-map instead of module-eval-source-map for better errors #2214

  • expire token automatically rather than after attempting a request #2295

  • refactor and use modal body components more consistently #2189

  • default to sort by label #2360


  • set min zero requirements on relevant nodebalancer config fields #2313

  • render correct tooltip data when switching between units #2315

  • allow shutdown from Linode status dropdown #2340

[0.11.6] 2017-07-21


  • response_type to OAuth flow to conform to RFC 6749

[0.11.5] 2017-07-18


  • no 3rd-party script includes # 2294

[0.11.4] 2017-07-18


  • group by lowercase distribution vendor names #2309

[0.11.3] 2017-07-18


  • rebuild confirm check #2302

[0.11.2] 2017-07-12


  • don't track pageviews on /oauth page #2269

[0.11.1] 2017-07-12


  • add delete IP support #2270


  • add linode_deleteip event formatting #2270

[0.11.0] 2017-07-11


  • unit selection to graphs #2185
  • support for no access tokens #2192
  • volumes to oauth scopes #2224


  • shared vertical nav updates for components, styleguide, docs, #2218

  • tone down the miniheader #2229


  • input placeholder styles on nodebalancers ssl fields and domains fields #2188

  • buttons page in styleguide #2213


  • NodeBalancer config label field where present #2224

[0.10.0] 2017-06-27


  • analytics in modals and selects #2083
  • sentry for error tracking #2149


  • prevent graph from re-rendering needlessly #2153

  • contributing guidelines to include new git flow #2106

  • minor wording updates, beta > early-access #2146

  • console.trace is now console.error #2111


  • reset RDNS wording and only display when relevant #2140

  • other linode in iptransfer must be in same datacenter #2145

  • oauth scope formatting # 2139

  • redirect to /linodes on delete #2147

  • updated srv record target placeholder #2161

  • removed details from TTL defaults on domains #2161

  • add TTL defaults to dropdowns on domain record edits #2161

  • adjust how editing A/AAAA records handles ipv4 and ipv6 #2161

  • logout redirection #2177

  • user permission page crash #2175

  • a duplicate scss import #2172

  • component imports that reference manager #2166

  • renamed track event to emit event #2166

[0.9.10] 2017-06-27


  • rename dnszone grant to domain

[0.9.9] 2017-06-26


  • overflowing text in domains txt record values now gets truncated

[0.9.8] 2017-06-19


  • remove ReactGA completely and more detailed errors

[0.9.7] 2017-06-19


  • skip ReactGA for sending exceptions

[0.9.6] 2017-06-19


  • added ips to oauth scopes constants

[0.9.5] 2017-06-16


  • don't render private ipv4 on Linode list

[0.9.4] 2017-06-16


  • allow saving soa records on slave domains

[0.9.3] 2017-06-16


  • don't crash on no nodebalancer ipv6

[0.9.2] 2017-06-16


  • hide ipv6 when no slaac is available on linode dashboard

[0.9.1] 2017-06-16


  • networking glue code when no slaac and link-local ips are present

[0.9.0] 2017-06-16


  • object count to the delete modal #2062
  • tooltip component, defaults to disabled, included on primary label and link table cells #2007, #2073, #2074
  • ability to add additional IPs, links to opening a support ticket #2066
  • enable private IP to the networking tab #2066
  • delete IP functionality to the networking tab #2066
  • global IP pools to networking tab #2066
  • beta banner including link to the classic manager #2088
  • required overwrite modal to backup restore #800
  • missing check_body and check_path fields to NodeBalancer config active health check form section #2089


  • long text in link and label table cells are now truncated based on the width of the th, an ellipsis is shown with a tooltip enabled #2007

  • network tab revamped, IP Sharing and IP Transfer split into 2 separate tabs #2066

  • network tab now shows proper gateway for all addresses #2066

  • API_ROOT and LOGIN_ROOT constants in manager no longer default to alpha, and instead default to #2088


  • linode list and linode dashboard correctly shows ipv4 addresses #2066

  • destroy all disks and configs when checked using backup restore #2084

  • ensure Linodes outside of region are not available to backup restore #2084

  • breaks in styleguide forms, styles, header etc #2081

[0.8.3] 2017-06-12


  • reinstate hover states, collapsed borders on adjacent active tabs

[0.8.2] 2017-06-12


  • retain tab active border color

[0.8.1] 2017-06-12


  • reduced padding and margin on tabs

[0.8.0] 2017-06-08


  • added Linode Employee identifier to ticket reply #2038
  • confirmation added to revoke token button #2033
  • uses classic Manager graph colors #2002
  • confirmation added to reboot and power off #1987
  • delete added to Linode dropdown #1987


  • fixed support ticket layout and clearing text field on reply submission #2038
  • fixed notification text not granular enough #2032
  • fixed page title changes when the user triggers a change on the page #2016
  • fixed error handling to display a modal on error except for 401s and 404s #2009
  • launch lish is available from any Linode state #1987
  • rebuild and bulk actions trigger power progress bar #1987
  • fixed page source link 404 #2044

[0.7.2] 2017-06-02


  • two_factor_auth on profile is a boolean #1997

[0.7.1] 2017-05-31


  • fixed nodebalancer config create #1981

[0.7.0] 2017-05-31


  • added delete nodebalancer config #1879
  • added delete nodebalancer config node #1880
  • added missing fields to soa record #1768
  • dropped help buttons #1897
  • scroll to top of page in docs on page change #1918
  • reworded docs error section #1917
  • added app loader #1859
  • redirect /reference to home #1958
  • added referral page #1914
  • increased docs endpoint column width #1978
  • replaced docs warning html #1966
  • delayed preload calls #1962
  • remove built docs files #1970
  • graphs start y access at zero #1969
  • optimized networking requests #1923


  • updated oauth docs to link to new location #1896

  • render nodebalancer config events correctly #1895

  • format graph tooltip data correctly #1837

  • fixed echoed docs snippet to prevent shell interpretation #1898

  • fixed array rendering in docs #1899

  • fixed tabs bug #1892

  • fixed UK flag rendering and stop displaying tokyo1 #1893

  • fixed weblish connection #1925

  • fixed ipv4 rendering on dashboard #1919

  • fixed slave create bug #1957

  • fixed bad reference in docs breadcrumbs #1963

  • fixed PAT creation #1924

  • fixed disk password reset #1961

  • misc css fixes #1922

  • fixed docs linode types #1964

  • fixed rescue mode disk mapping #1959

  • fixed domain record deletion messages #1960

[0.6.1] 2017-05-26


  • fixed domain event rendering

[0.6.0] 2017-05-24


  • lookup lish domains based on datacenter #1795
  • delay fetching kernels until config pages #1846
  • increase timeout between event requests #1856
  • border-right on docs layout #1843
  • added indicator to elements with title attribute #1840
  • added nested response objects #1755
  • removed referrals page #1838
  • added docs python guide #1763
  • lish not hard-coded to alpha #1795
  • added nodebalancer graphs #1805


  • domain groups displayed correctly #1844
  • fixed mass delete #1845
  • fixed missing response examples #1849
  • fixed plan style #1783
  • fixed node up down display #1780
  • fixed backup price calculation #1783
  • fixed plan price calculation #1814

[0.5.6] 2017-05-19


  • fixed ipv4 rendering in nodebalancers list #1826

[0.5.5] 2017-05-19


  • fixed region rendering #1823

[0.5.4] 2017-05-19


  • fixed ipv4 rendering #1817

[0.5.3] 2017-05-18


  • fixed miscalculated plan values #1811

[0.5.2] 2017-05-18


  • fixed user restricted radio #1808

[0.5.1] 2017-05-18


  • fixed reset my application secret #1801

[0.5.0] 2017-05-18


  • fix tests and linter errors #1770
  • excess profile requests #1793
  • static endpoint requests reference error #1800


  • update TFA forms with success states #1774
  • simplify initial api call logic #1770
  • now using npm --no-git-tag-version version patch|minor|major to bump versions so that shrinkwrap also gets updated