Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Steven Jacobs 58fb749c27 fix spacing 18 hours ago
  jenkins-x-bot 3b7e514542 remove duplicate gitignore 1 day ago
  jenkins-x-bot a9e9c4131e move install code into install dir 1 day ago
  jenkins-x-bot bef722fce9 finish off knative installation 1 day ago
  jenkins-x-bot 484b52e557 init kubernetes playground 1 day ago
  jenkins-x-bot e79280e32d prevent terraform-destroy from wiping git instance 1 day ago
  jenkins-x-bot 54704152f1 enable backups on gitea instance 1 day ago
  jenkins-x-bot 225a9ecdff clean up formatting 1 day ago
  jenkins-x-bot 09de39d148 init gitea git service 1 day ago
  jenkins-x-bot f285945603 add image option to build-images script 1 day ago
  Steven Jacobs f4fd8709f3 update images 1 week ago
  Steven Jacobs bc23a9b5f6 add TLS to grafana by putting it behind NodeBalancer 1 week ago
  Steven Jacobs 4285176c3a move email dns into module to reduce clutter 1 week ago
  Steven Jacobs 939c7419a0 init clean script by just reseting consul token 1 week ago
  Steven Jacobs 7b615f9194 add tsdb configs 1 week ago
  Steven Jacobs 32602bb681 add prometheus consoles for node exporter 1 week ago
  Steven Jacobs 909782e5d3 update file path in comment 1 week ago
  Steven Jacobs 0a17d781f1 update consul to follow recomended specs 1 week ago
  Steven Jacobs 2de4dc224b init docker registry 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs 333c6a6d16 update state 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs 843e52485e add todo list 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs 2438be810c fix syntax error 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs f15ce98f6f fix consul script with new paths 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs 9f2b8d69f1 add clean command 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs 12278c699f fix filebeat configs being overwritten on install 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs 8b496dc873 update images to be data resources 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs 747c13306c update state 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs c4dc780a11 update boot disk size to 5000 from 3000 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs d51be6339e ensure filebeat config is on all images 2 weeks ago
  Steven Jacobs d826f69845 add base filebeat config 2 weeks ago